Régis Huby (violin)
Irène Lecoq (violin)
Guillaume Roy (viola)
Alain Grange (cello)

From the classical string quartet, they have a kept a taste for the long and exacting collective work, a fondness for the musical matter, and of course, the instrumental science, drawing strength from a repertory of over two centuries. From the jazz band they possess the sense of dynamic rythm, and above all, the art of improvisation, that they use here not in the relation between the theme and the solo but in a dialectic relationship between the soloist and the other voices.

The violonists Régis Huby and Irène Lecoq, the viola player Guillaume Roy and the cellist Alain Grange did not choose to follow an easy path. Over the course of eleven years of passionate work, the IXI string Quartet has managed to find a new way, where the adventure of jazz meets the contemporary [music] experience, where the written aptly mixes with the improvised, where the collective experience is not at the expense of the individual’s.

We knew France a promised land for string jazz – think violinists, think Warlop, Grappelli or Pifarély. The epic continues with the IXI Quartet, fearless pioneers in a musical universe that remains virgin and full of promises.

Arnaud Merlin

The visit of the Quatuor IXI in Estonia is produced by Eesti Kontsert

with the support of the French Cultural centre of Tallinn . For this Baltic and Finnish tour the Quatuor IXI receives the travel support of the AFAA and the French Nordic Jazz Transit .

Vapaat äänet – Charles Gil