The French violinist Régis Huby takes his acclaimed quartet Equal Crossing to its first European tour from May 23rd to 29th. The journey of 5 concerts includes two festivals: Kerava Jazz (Finland) and Nattjazz, Bergen (Norway). The band performs in three clubs: Jazz Cellar 11, Vilnius (Lithuania) ; Philly Joe’s, Tallinn (Estonia) ; Opus Jazz Club, Budapest (Hungary).

Régis Huby is one of the busiest jazz musicians in France, and now he is on the road with a project inspired by the book Race and History by Claude Lévi-Strauss, a celebration of the diversity of cultures. Equal Crossing got started in 2015 as a creative outlet for four musicians giving shape together to a multifaced electro-acoustic chamber music composed by Huby as a three-movement suite. Huby’s 4tet features guitarist Marc Ducret, keyboardist Bruno Angelini and percussionist Michael Rabbia, all, like Huby, are opinionated, forward-thinking musicians who always attempt to redefine musical conventions.

The album Régis Huby 4tet “Equal Crossing” was released in 2016 on Abalone record label (AB 027)

The album is divided into three consecutive movements. The first one stresses a sense of emotional urgency full of fears and doubt, the second expresses the rapid change of moods and sceneries of the new, daily experiences and the third radiates a more relaxed feeling, still a fragile one of hope and shelter. All are executed with great passion and impressive pathos, emphasizing a sharp sense of invention and imagination and full of moving beauty and elegance.
Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz – August 10th 2016

Among others Equal Crossing has performed at Jazz Sous Les Pommiers, Europa Jazz, Le Mans, Nevers D’Jazz (France) ;  Saalfeden JazzFestival (Austria) ; Jazzdor-Berlin (Germany)

If the violinist has attained his apogee with Equal Crossing his fellow sound astronauts contribute equally to its success. Hopefully this crew will voyage again.
Ken Waxman, JazzWord – January 2nd 2017

Equal Crossing entered its very own flaming fields of sounds and energy. Its angular music had an incremental southern charge with a deep spooky blues trace. It was fascinating how high density emerged from wide spaces, how gentle and enchanting violin lines were steeped into dark shading or how rock-patterns dissolved in greenish blue haze and vivid ghostliness. It is a new group with a uniquely rich chemistry, haute cuisine.
Henning Bolte / London Jazz News, about Jazzdor Berlin 2015 (Kesselhaus, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin)

Equal Crossing (FR-IT)
Régis Huby
violin, electronics
Marc Ducret guitar
Bruno Angelini piano, Fender Rhodes, electronics
Michele Rabbia drums, percussions

Bruno Angelini-Marc Ducret-Régis Huby-Michele Rabbia (c) Jérôme Prébois

Régis Huby Equal Crossing on tour in May 2018
23/05 Vilnius, Jazz Cellar 11 / LIT
25/05 Tallinn, Philly Joe’s / EST
26/05 Kerava Jazz festival / FIN
27/05 Bergen, Nattjazz / NOR
29/05 Budapest, Opus Jazz Club / HUN

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Tour production: Association Abalone
Tour booking: Vapaat äänet as part of the French Nordic Jazz Transit 2018
Tour support: AJC – Association Jazzé Croisé,  Spedidam, French Institute of Estonia