Andy Emler, composer, pianist, a catalyst of enthusiasm, initiator of collaborations, arranger, a lover of improvisation, is a man of invention. His stage music for the theatre piece “Ravel” has turned into a must of his concert repertoire.  From August 17th to 31st, he invites his listeners in Latvia, Estonia and Finland, to a dream-like immersion in his own fantasia of Maurice Ravel.

“Ravel”, the theatre play directed by Anne-Marie Lazarini and based on the book by Jean Echenoz was premiered in 2013. On stage, Andy Emler offered a solo piano mixing improvisation and writings, cultivating a double personality with Ravel in a fascinating mirror game. The play was a success, and Andy was awarded the best stage music by the Critics’ Union. In 2016, Andy started to perform solo concerts of this program, that he first performed on a Baltic-Finnish tour. In August 2022, he comes back to Latvia, Estonia and Finland to continue the exploration of his beloved “Own Ravel”.

In his piano solo concert, each piece is related to different events and steps of Ravel’s life during the last ten years of the master’s existence. Andy shares with the audience astonishing musical moments punctuated with some stories about Ravel, that the French pianist tells with a natural sense of humour and a sharp smart British accent – thanks to his English mother.

About “My own Ravel“
“Everything here brings Ravel to mind, and yet none of the music heard is actually his. Lulled by his Spanish-tinged rhythms, carried away by some dance from the past (a waltz or a furlana, a pavane or a rigodon), Andy immersed himself in his liquid world of mirroring water games. Feeding on his orientalist archaisms, he studied his music’s clockwork, taking over its drones and bells.
Since Jean Echenoz had turned Maurice Ravel into a novel-like figure, it made perfect sense for Andy Emler to create a fiction out of his work : a counterpart in music to tell another version of Ravel’s story.”
Arnaud Merlin / journalist and producer at Radio France

Andy Emler (c) Alexandre Ollier

Andy Emler piano, composition

Andy Emler “My Own Ravel” on tour in Latvia, Estonia and Finland in August 2022
Wed 17/08 Lielvārde, Cultural Centre
Thu 18/08 Daugavpils, Unity Theatre
Fri 19/08 Jekabpils, Historical Museum – Castle of Krustpils
Sat 20/08 Castle of Cesvaine
Sun 21/08 Oleri Manor
Mon 22/08 Aluksne, Cultural Centre
Tue 23/08 Põlva, Cultural Centre
Wed 24/08 Türi, Cultural Centre
Thu 25/08 Jõgeva, Cultural Centre
Finland kiertuetiedote suomeksi
Fri 26/08 Turku, Mestarinkadun konserttisali
Mon 29/08 Helsinki, Hakasalmen Huvila / Helsinki Jazz – also Eero Tikkanen, double bass
Tue 30/08 Joensuu, Konservatorio
Wed 31/08 Savonlinna, Kulttuurikellari

Tour production: Compagnie aime l’air
Booking in Latvia (except Aluksne): Via Ars
Booking in Estonia and Latvia (Aluksne): Uus Kontsert
Booking in Finland – Tour management: Vapaat äänet