Jean-Marc Foltz & Stéphan Oliva presented their magnificent Gershwin Revisited from September 20th to October 13th in Finland, Estonia and Latvia. They performed 22 concerts in venues of a whose capacity ranged from 30 to 300 seats. From home concerts to large auditoriums, from museums to libraries, from manor houses to music schools, they reached an audience of almost 1700 listeners. The duo came back home one week ago and cooked up a sweet home-made video out of the many ingredients gathered during this long and winding Autumn road-trip. A truly evocation of Slow Touring!

Jean-Marc and Stéphan walk together on a narrow path of their own, between jazz and classical music, alongside a constant delightful precipice where the borders of genres and style lose their meaning. Only music matters. Everywhere the response of the audience was warm and enthusiastic, in close communion with the two protagonists. Out of all these performances, only the concert in Kuressaare required the use of a light amplification, which was professionally handled by the experienced local team.

Vapaat äänet is warmly thankful to Jean-Marc and Stéphan for the beauty of their music and their soul. A big thank also deserved by Taklit production and Wanbliprod for their mastery of the tour production.Together with the musicians, Taklit production and Wanbliprod, we would like to thank all the promoters for their brilliant organisation ; a special mention to Eesti Kontsert , to the French Institute of Estonia and the French Institute of Latvia, whose involvement was decisive in making the tour possible to the extent it finally reached. A warm thank also to the Adami, the Spedidam, the French Institute and the AJC (Association Jazzé Croisé) for their vital support to this tour inside the frame of the French Nordic Jazz Transit ; and to Vision Fugitive for publishing this enchanting album.

Jean-Marc Foltz & Stéphan Oliva brighten the Finnish and Baltic autumn with their tribute to George Gershwin