The French pianist Jean-Marie Machado comes back to the Baltics with his brand-new quartet “Majakka”. This unit of four masters will perform an extended tour in Estonia and Latvia between October 4th and 14th. They will start their journey with a concert in Helsinki on October 3rd.

Jean-Marie Machado’s music does not suffer from borders and hybridizes to make cultures and languages intertwine. In his new album, the pianist brings together, under the pretty name of Majakka (the Finnish word for lighthouse), various pieces that have brought a particular colour to his musical journey, inspired by his cultural heritage, his encounters and his prolific career as a composer. Pieces of life and music which are guiding him like the light of a lighthouse…

“For the first time I felt like looking back and listening to some of my old records again,” Machado narrates. “I saw a colour come out and it was becoming mine, a light that imposed itself. I felt the need to accept something that had happened in spite of myself” he adds.

So the idea was born of bringing together pieces that seemed to be from the same family, sharing the same colours and cultivating a closeness to the Brazilian music and that of the Spanish impressionists that pave Machado’s way.

The quality of the writing and arrangements, combined with the excellence of the performers (Ze Luis Nascimento bursting with inventiveness and surprises, Jean-Charles Richard a sensitive melodist with a dazzling sound, Vincent Segal elegant with virtuosity, an expert of the sounds of the world) once again underlines the accomplishment of Jean-Marie Machado’s path.

Jean-Marie Machado Majakka / La Buissonne Records / Marketed in cooperation with ECM Records
released 09/2020
Liner notes of the album:

Jean-Marie Machado Majakka ©Cecil Mathieu

Jean-Marie Machado Quartet “Majakka » Baltic Tour October 2022

Jean-Marie Machado  piano
Jean-Charles Richard   saxophones, flutes
Vincent Segal   cello
Zé Luis Nascimento percussions

Mon 03/10 Helsinki, Hakasalmen Huvila / Helsinki Jazz

ESTONIA * organised by Eesti Kontsert
Tue 04/10 Pärnu Concert Hall*
Wed 05/10 Kuresssaare, Cultural Centre
Thu 06/10 Tallinn, Estonia Concert Hall*
Fri 07/10 Jõhvi Concert Hall*
Sat 08/10 Haapsalu, Cultural Centre*
Sun 09/10 Võru Kannel
Mon 10/10 Tartu, Vanemuise Concert Hall*

LATVIA in cooperation with the French Institute of Latvia
Tue 11/10 Valmiera, Cultural Centre
We 12/10 Madona, Cultural Centre
Thu 13/10 Daugavpils, Theatre of Unity
Fri 14/10 Lielvarde, Cultural Centre

Tour production: compagnie Jean-Marie Machado, Cantabile
Tour booking – tour management: Vapaat äänet
Tour support: CNM, Spedidam, AJC