Estonian pianist Kirke Karja’s acclaimed trio with French bassist Etienne Renard and German drummer Ludwig Wandinger will get back to Tallinn on July 23rd-24th. They will make their debut in Finland in Helsinki on July 25th and in Raahe at Jazz on the Beach festival for a residence on July 27th-29th.

Pianist Kirke Karja counts among the new generation of Estonian musicians who are making an international breakthrough. The trio she leads with French bassist Etienne Renard and German drummer Ludwig Wandinger has garnered positive attention on the European jazz scene. The trio’s music includes Karja’s compositions, free improvisation and extended playing techniques. The band played an impressive concert in Tallinn in September 2021 as part of the European Jazz Conference. The trio was then heard in Paris in April 2022 at the Punkt @ Banlieues Bleues festival night, where Norwegians Jan Bang and Erik Honoré performed a real-time remix of the concert. Karja Renard Wandinger trio will release in July a record, which was recorded in Tallinn in February 2020.

Kirke Karja (b. 1989) is an intense performer and composer whose bold harmonious melody draws on the solid knowledge of contemporary music. She is fascinated by improvisation and collaborative projects with other art forms. In addition to her long education in classical music, she has dived to study jazz music for 10 years and graduated in 2021 with a doctorate in jazz composition from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater. She has released six albums under her own name. In addition to her trio, she conducts the Kirke Karja Quartet as well as the Captain Kirke and the Klingons quintet, including among others  the saxophonists Mikko Innanen from Helsinki and Liudas Mockunas from Vilnius. Karja won the Giorgio Gaslini Future Talent Award 2021 and was elected Estonian Jazz Musician of the Year 2022.

Etienne Renard (b. 1991), an active player in French jazz circles, is a musician and composer who serves the collective creativity of the trio with his own diverse skills. This down-to-earth double bassist is inspired by collaborative work both in France and abroad. His musicianship was also fuelled by years of study at the Paris Conservatory of Music and Dance. His playing partners include Benoît Delbecq, Paul Jarret and Pierrick Pedron.

Ludwig Wandinger (b. 1995) is a Berlin-based experimental music producer, drummer and versatile visual artist. His musical narrative ranges from experimental IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) to acoustic improvisation and ambient to multi-tone sound design, while his visual expression crosses surrealism and amazing graphic “chrometype” design. He has worked with and performed with many acclaimed musicians, including Jim Black, Wanja Slavin, Lucia Cadotsch, Dan Nicholls, Philipp Gropper, Elias Stemeseder, Petter Eldh, Andrea Parkins and Oli Steidle.

Kirke Karja, Ludwig Wandinger, Etienne Renard (c) Kaupo Kikkas

Kirke Karja: piano and compositions
Etienne Renard: double bass
Ludwig Wandinger: drums

Karja – Renard – Wandinger in Estonia and Finland  / July 23rd -29th 2022
23.7. Tallinn, ULM (Uue Loomingu Maja) / Kirke Karja presents: experimental jazz night (Ludwing Wandinger solo, Etienne Renard solo and other performances)
24.7. Tallinn, Philly Joe’s
25.7. Helsinki, Hakasalmen Huvila / jaZZanti – Helsinki Jazz
29.7. Raaheen  Teatterin kesälava / Raahen Rantajatsit 2022
Taiteilijaresidenssi 27.-29.7. Raahen Rantajatseilla
Kiertuetiedote suomeksi

Tour production: Vapaat äänet
Tour support: Goethe-Institut Finnland, Estonian Institute Estonian Cultural Endowment, AJC-Association Jazzé Croisé

But the most convincing set this writer experienced was the second-ever performance by a young trio featuring Estonian pianist Kirke Karja, French bassist Etienne Renard and German drummer Ludwig Wandinger, which refracted swing impulses through jagged stop-start rhythms, suggesting a hybrid of the Bad Plus and Punkt.Vrt.Plastik, while tapping some 20th century modern classical influences.” – Peter Margasak, Downbeat