When the exhilarating French brass trio Journal Intime and the soulful drummer Jérémie Piazza join forces together, it’s time to play! This real pocket brass band celebrates jazz, groove and popular music, echoing to the poetry of Jacques Tati’s movies. Journal Intime PLAYTIME will spread the joy of jazz “à la française” in the Baltics and Finland from February 27th to March 18th. 

Matthias Mahler, Jérémie Piazza, Sylvain Bardiau, Fred Gastad (c) Poll Pebe Puyrredon

Journal Intime PLAYTIME
Sylvain Bardiau trumpet
Matthias Mahler trombone
Fred Gastard bass saxophone
Jérémie Piazza drums

Baltic-Finnish Tour Program 27/02 – 18/03/2020

LATVIA – cooperation with the French Institute of Latvia
Thu 27/02/2020 Madona, Cutural House
Fri 28/02/2020 Daugavpils, Theatre of Union
Sat 29/02/2020 Preili, Cultural House
Sun 01/03/2020 Valmiera, Cultural House

ESTONIA – cooperation with Uus Kontsert and the French Institute of Estonia
Tue 03/03/2020 Jõgeva, kultuurikeskus
Wed 04/03/2020 Kainä kultuurikeskus
Thu 05/03/2020 Tallinn, Kloostri Ait
Fri 06/03/2020 Põlva Kultuuri ja Huvikeskus
Sat 07/03/2020 Abja kultuurimaja
Sun 08/03/2020 Türi kulturikeskus

FINLAND – cooperation with the French Institute of Finland
Kiertuetiedote suomeksi
Mon 09/03/2020 Salo, Salon lukion auditorio
Tue 10/03/2020 Savonlinna, kulttuurikellari
wed 11/03/2020 Kitee, Kiteesali
Thu 12/03/2020 Kuopio, Maxim
Fri 13/03/2020 Raahe, Raahen Teatteri
Sat 14/03/2020 Joensuu, Pakkahuone
Sun 15/03/2020 Loviisa, Almintalo
Mon 16/03/2020 Turku, Turun konservatorio ja musiikkiopisto
Tue 17/03/2020 Hämeenlinna, Suisto/ also Jérémie Piazza solo
Wed 18/03/2020 Helsinki, Juttutupa

Tour production: association Trio Journal Intime
Tour booking and tour management : Vapaat äänet
Tour support: AJC, Adami, Sacem, Spedidam
Tour partners: Kumu drums, French Institutes of Latvia, of Estonia and of Finland
In the frame of the French Nordic Jazz Transit, export and exchange program from the AJC.


Teaser video Journal Intime PLAYTIME:


Jérémie Piazza – drum solo